Meng-Chun Kao

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A swept source (SS)-based circular-state (CS) polarization-sensitive optical coherence tomography (PS-OCT) constructed entirely with polarization-maintaining fiber optics components is proposed with the experimental verification. By means of the proposed calibration scheme, bulk quarter-wave plates can be replaced by fiber optics polarization controllers(More)
The effective treatment of periodontitis involves the detection and removal of subgingival dental calculus. However, subgingival calculus is more difficult to detect than supragingival calculus because it is firmly attached to root surfaces within periodontal pockets. To achieve a smooth root surface, clinicians often remove excessive amounts of root(More)
BACKGROUND Epidural needle insertion is traditionally a blind technique whose success depends on the experience of the operator. The authors describe a novel method using a fiber-needle-based swept-source optical coherence tomography (SSOCT) to identify epidural space. METHODS An optical fiber probe was placed into a hollow 18-gauge Tuohy needle. It was(More)
In an operation requiring epidural anesthesia, a puncture needle is advanced progressively into the epidural space, and medication is then injected into this space. The space is very shallow, so there is too little room for adequately positioning the tip of the needle. Excessive advancement of the needle beyond the space and an inaccurate shot of medicine(More)
BACKGROUND No reports exist concerning in vivo optical coherence tomography visualization of the epidural space and the blood patch process in the epidural space. In this study, we produced real-time two-dimensional and reconstructed three-dimensional images of the epidural space by using optical coherence tomography in a porcine model. We also aimed to(More)
In this study, we proposed a in-plane displacement measurement which consisted of reflection type displacement sensor and heterodyne interferometer. The displacement sensor is fabricated by volume hologram which recorded the interference signal and became the reflection type diffracted grating. Based on the optical configuration of the heterodyne(More)
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