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Acetoacetate decarboxylase (AADase) has long been cited as the prototypical example of the marked shifts in the pK(a) values of ionizable groups that can occur in an enzyme active site. In 1966, it was hypothesized that in AADase the origin of the large pK(a) perturbation (-4.5 log units) observed in the nucleophilic Lys 115 results from the proximity of(More)
C3H/He mice chronically infected with murine cytomegalovirus were given skin allografts from histoincompatible BALB/c donors. A significant increase in cytomegalovirus titers occurred within 3 days after placement of the graft in the spleens and kidneys of the allograft recipients as compared with control animals. No significant changes in virus titers were(More)
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