Meng-Chia Liu

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Clinical virotherapy has been successfully approved for use in cancer treatment by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration; however, a number of improvements are still sought to more broadly develop virotherapy. A particular challenge is to administer viral therapy systemically and overcome limitations in intratumoral injection, especially for complex tumors(More)
Chemotherapy represents a conventional treatment for many cancers at different stages and is either solely prescribed or concomitant to surgery, radiotherapy, or both. However, treatment is tempered in instances of acquired drug resistance in response to either chemotherapy or targeted therapy, leading to therapeutic failure. To overcome this challenge,(More)
Leptin is released in response to increased triglyceride storage in adipocytes and impacts body weight, but has drawbacks such as poor therapeutic effect and side effects when delivered systemically. Leptin also modifies adipocyte sensitivity to insulin to inhibit lipid accumulation. Here, light-triggered degradation of hydrogels was used to improve(More)
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