Menelaos Bakopoulos

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This paper presents SecGOD. A tool that protects the privacy of documents created with online office suites. SecGOD is implemented as a Greasemonkey java-script making it deployable on all popular greesemonkey compatible browsers and utilizes symmetric key encryption. All operations run on the client side, with SecGOD operating invisibly as concerned by the(More)
This game is focused on the 3D single and multiplayer game possibilities of the J2ME platform. Mobile phones have become a common personal item that is available at all times. The aim is to present a 3D space fighting game utilizing an AI based on autonomous moving agents. This game demonstration will show viewers what is currently possible with J2ME mobile(More)
In this work we present a novel video annotation and media enrichment methodology for enhanced visual communication among first responders (FRs) and their command centers complementing voice communications in order to overcome current shortcomings of the latter. For this purpose, an initial taxonomy of emergency cases and sub-cases handled by a variety of(More)
A 3D educational mobile game is designed and implemented with the aim to teach hard-to-spell words to young children exploiting their natural affinity towards games entertainment in order to increase the likelihood of useful knowledge acquisition while having fun. The educational game features a fighter plane style environment in which spelling is(More)
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