Mendhu Vishnuvardhana Rao

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BACKGROUND Determining the stability of iodine in fortified salt can be difficult under certain conditions. Current methods are sometimes unreliable in the presence of iron. OBJECTIVE To test the new method to more accurately estimate iodine content in double-fortified salt (DFS) fortified with iodine and iron by using orthophosphoric acid instead of(More)
The surface active globulin from black gram has been resolved into two components with high foam-forming activity. They were found to be homogeneous by electrophoresis and ultracentrifugal examinations and had high molecular weights around 100,000 daltons. They were rich in acidic as well basic amino acids but low in sulphur amino acids. Heat treatment,(More)
Present study represents a novel approach of PCR ready-human DNA extraction method from skeletal remains using copper nanoparticles (CuNPs) for personnel identification. To achieve rapid, cost effective, sensitive and non-hazardous method for DNA extraction we utilized CuNPs synthesized using microwave. The applicability of this approach was first tested in(More)
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