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Noch ein kurzes W o r t f iber die Prophylctxe der Bleierkranlcungen bei unse r e r A r be i t e r s cha f t . I ch glaube, d a b die Auslese der L e u t e d a b e i z u n ~ c h s t e inma l das W i c h t i g s t e ist, Auslese i n bezug auf das Blur , die Nieren, die Ar te r i en , das N e r v e n sys tem, evt l . d u r c h g e m a c h t e schwere I n f e(More)
Amount of dissolve oxygen in a river has a great direct affect on aquatic macroinvertebrates and this would influence on the region ecosystem indirectly. In this paper it is tried to predict dissolved oxygen in rivers by employing an easy Fuzzy Logic Modeling, Wang Mendel method. This model just uses previous records to estimate upcoming values. For this(More)
Johann Gregor Mendel studied plants and their patterns of inheritance in Austria during the nineteenth century. Mendel experimented with the pea plant, Pisum [2], and his publication, ? Versuche über Pflanzenhybriden? (?Experiments on Plant Hybridization?), published in 1866, revolutionized theories of trait inheritance. Mendel?s discoveries relating to(More)
Man ha t ffir die 13dementstehung auch dem Lymphgef~13system Bedeutung zugeschrieben. Normalerweise leiten die Lymphbat lnen die Gewebsfliissigkeit ab. Die dfinne Membran der Lymphcapil laren l~Bt leictlt Gewebsflfissigkeit, deren "hydrostat ischer Druck fast immer h6her ist, durchtreten. Die L y m p h b a h n e n stellen also AbIluBwege ftir die(More)
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