Menchu Comas

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The southern margin of the Iberian Peninsula hosts the convergent boundary between the European and African Plates. The area is characterised by low to moderate magnitude shallow earthquakes, although large historical events have also occurred. In order to determine the possible sources of these events, we recently acquired swath-bathymetry, TOBI sidescan(More)
New paleomagnetic results from Neogene sedimentary sequences from the Betic chain (Spain) are here presented. Sedimentary basins located in different areas were selected in order to obtain paleomagnetic data from structural domains that experienced different tectonic evolution during the Neogene. Whereas no rotations have been evidenced in the Late(More)
During the BASACALB-TTR9 cruise of the R/V Professor Logachev (1999), two mud volcanoes (called Marrakech and Granada) were discovered in the southern sector of the mud diapir province in the West Alboran Basin (WAB). This paper presents micropaleontological and geophysical data on these mud volcanoes from gravity core samples, sidescan sonar (OKEAN) images(More)
A cornerstone in parasitology is why some species or populations are more parasitized than others. Here we examine the influence of host characteristics and habitat on parasite prevalence. We studied the helminths parasitizing the Pyrenean brook newt Calotriton asper (n= 167), paying special attention to the relationship between parasites and ecological(More)
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