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Introduction: Stromatolitic structures preserved at two stratigraphic levels within the 3.47-3.43 Ga War-rawoona Group of Western Australia have been interpreted as some of "the least controversial evidence of early life on earth" and "the oldest firmly established biogenic deposits now known from the geologic re-cord" [1]. The structures were said to have(More)
We consider the use of wireless sensor networks to automatically track "perceptive pallets" of materials in warehouses for the purpose of monitoring volumetric and spatial constraints. A combination of radio frequency and ultrasound chirping produces position estimates that are noisy and prone to error. To address this, we measure and characterize the(More)
— Warehouses must maintain a number of spatial constraints concerning the safe handling of hazardous materials. In this paper, we address the problem of automated monitoring of spatial constraints as pallets are moved on forklifts by human operators. We propose using small, self-contained localizing sensor packages mounted on pallets. We consider two(More)
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