Men-Chi Chang

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Plant roots retain developmental plasticity and respond to environmental stresses or exogenous plant growth regulators by undergoing profound morphological and physiological alteration. In this study, we investigated the effects of exogenous ABA on root growth and development in Taichung native 1 (TN1) rice. Exogenous application of 10 microM ABA leads to(More)
To fulfill labeling and traceability requirement of genetically modified (GM) maize for trade and regulation, it is essential to develop an event-specific detection method for monitoring the presence of transgenes. In pursuit of this purpose, we systematically optimized and established a combined event- and construct-specific multiplex polymerase chain(More)
Actin depolymerizing factors (ADFs) are small actin-binding proteins. Many higher-plant ADFs has been known to involve in plant growth, development and pathogen defense. However, in rice the temporal and spatial expression of OsADF gene family and their relationship with abiotic stresses tolerance is still unknown. Here we reported the first comprehensive(More)
Rice is a major food source for much of the world, and expanding our knowledge of genes conferring specific rice grain attributes will benefit both farmer and consumer. Here we present novel dull grain mutants with a low amylose content (AC) derived from mutagenesis of Oryza sativa, ssp. japonica cv. Taikeng 8 (TK8). Positional cloning of the gene(More)
Cold stress affects rice growth, quality and yield. The investigation of genome-wide gene expression is important for understanding cold stress tolerance in rice. We performed comparative transcriptome analysis of the shoots and roots of 2 rice seedlings (TNG67, cold-tolerant; and TCN1, cold-sensitive) in response to low temperatures and restoration of(More)
High-resolution genetic linkage mapping and BAC physical mapping narrowed the fertility restorer locus Rfm1 in barley to a sub-centimorgan genetic interval and a 208-kb physical interval. Rfm1 restores the fertility of msm1 and msm2 male-sterile cytoplasms in barley. The fertility restoration gene is located on the short arm of chromosome 6H (6HS), and we(More)
The homologous genes OsbHLH068 and AtbHLH112 have partially redundant functions in the regulation of the salt stress response but opposite functions to control flowering in Arabidopsis. The transcription factor (TF) basic/Helix-Loop-Helix (bHLH) is important for plant growth, development, and stress responses. OsbHLH068, which is a homologous gene of(More)
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