Memphin D. Ekpo

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A detailed prospective study of 58 consecutive breast cancer patients and contemporaneous controls, using age, duration of tumour and presence or absence of poor prognostic signs as clinical parameters, clearly showed that the patients fell into three distinct groups. Group A accounted for 30 per cent of cancers and consisted of young women (21-45 years)(More)
BACKGROUND Female genital tract malignancies cause a significant number of deaths in the developing world. These deaths are however usually overshadowed by maternal deaths from obstetric causes. STUDY DESIGN AND SETTING A retrospective study of all histologically confirmed female genital tract malignancies seen in the histopathology department of the(More)
AIM To study the clinicopathological features of fibrous hamartoma of infancy in Nigerian children. METHODS Six children aged between 6 months and 10 years were studied. All specimens were stained with haemotoxylin and eosin and examined routinely. The children were followed up for between one and three years. RESULTS In four of the children lesions(More)
We describe a case very rare in the West African sub-region, Familial Polyposis Coli, presenting with rectal prolapse. Symptoms appeared at an unusual age of three years. Histological examination of four polyps excised at random showed all to have undergone malignant change. While the patient was being built up for surgery, she developed marked abdominal(More)
CONTEXT There has been a steady rise in Nigeria's HIV/AIDS burden since the first sero-prevalence survey in 1991. Nigeria's economy is mainly dependent on oil that comes from the Niger Delta Region. The majority of the people of the Niger delta region depend on fishing and farming for livelihood. Years of oil exploration activities with frequent oil(More)
Hidradenoma papilliferum is a known example of adnexal skin tumours with apocrine differentiation. It is a rare benign tumour which tends to arise from areas with rich concentration of aporine glands such as anogenital region, vulval, perineal, axillae, and periumbilical areas. In this report, the tumour was found in the upper outer quadrant of left breast,(More)
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