Melvyn M Jones

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OBJECTIVE To evaluate the effect of opt-in compared with opt-out recruitment strategies on response rate and selection bias. DESIGN Double blind randomised controlled trial. SETTING Two general practices in England. PARTICIPANTS 510 patients with angina. INTERVENTION Patients were randomly allocated to an opt-in (asked to actively signal willingness(More)
OBJECTIVES e-Health refers to the organisation and delivery of health services and information using the internet and related technologies. We investigated the perceptions of primary care staff towards e-health initiatives in the NHS Connecting for Health programme and whether front-line staff are ready to implement such changes. DESIGN Twenty(More)
BACKGROUND Angina is a common chronic condition, largely managed in primary care in the UK. Mortality data are predominately from population or hospital studies with little known about the prognosis of angina in general practice settings. OBJECTIVE To describe the prognosis of angina in patients identified in primary care. METHODS DESIGN Systematic(More)
BACKGROUND Coronary heart disease is more common among some ethnic minority groups (particularly people from the Indian sub-continent living in Europe and North America) and in socially deprived populations. Hospital studies in the United Kingdom (UK) suggest that these groups have less access to treatment for coronary heart disease. Studies from primary(More)
The current reforms of the United Kingdom's primary healthcare sector intend to improve accessibility to health care. 1 One of the proposals is to introduce " walk-in " primary care centres. 2 The intention is to pilot " a series of nurse led centres which can be used on a 'drop in' basis, providing minor treatment, health information and self help advice.(More)
This study compares health status, demographic and socioeconomic characteristics of users and non-users of NHS Direct in order to establish whether the service is being used by people with the greatest need for healthcare services. It suggests that use of NHS Direct is widespread among carers of children under 5 years old, but there is evidence that it may(More)
BACKGROUND Doctors have high levels of self-treatment, investigation and referral, but little is known about how medical students seek health care. Methods We carried out a questionnaire survey of Year 2 and 4 students, exploring their health-seeking behaviour and attitudes to self-care. SETTING A London medical school. RESULTS The response rate was(More)
INTRODUCTION Intercalated BScs (iBScs) are an optional part of undergraduate (UG) medicine courses in UK, Eire, Australia, New Zealand, the West Indies, Hong Kong, South Africa and Canada, consisting of advanced study into a particular field of medicine, often combined with research. They potentially improve students' skills and allow exploration of(More)