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Ninety five patients receiving chronic haemodialysis (CHD) were surveyed to determine the prevalence of rheumatic disease and, where possible, its aetiology. At least three distinct rheumatic syndromes were identified--a group of patients with a syndrome consisting of large and medium joint synovial swelling, restricted hips and shoulders, tenosynovitis,(More)
The xanthofibrosarcoma is a malignant variant of fibrous xanthoma. It is a rare tumor that derives from histiocytes. A case believed to be the first xanthofibrosarcoma reported in the larynx is presented. Differentiation between this tumor and benign lesion was difficult. The tumor proved malignant by metastasizing. Although few fibrous xanthomas become(More)
1. Low dose (500 mg) paracetamol (acetaminophen) was administered to patients with Parkinson's disease, motor neurone disease and to age-matched controls. 2. At this low dose level the controls excreted proportionately more sulphate and less glucuronide conjugate than has been reported for administration of 1000 mg of paracetamol. 3. Both groups of patients(More)
Media coverage of psychiatric issues will reflect or influence public perceptions of the mentally ill. In order to explore the relationship between psychiatry and the media, an attitudinal questionnaire was administered to a systematic sample of 20 reporters, 20 psychiatrists, 20 medical outpatients with no psychiatric history, and 40 psychiatric(More)
A case of Haemophilus influenzae type b (Hib) meningitis in which the diagnosis and treatment were delayed because of normal cerebrospinal fluid analysis is presented. A retrospective review was conducted at two children's hospitals to determine the frequency and clinical characteristics of patients with Hib meningitis whose spinal fluid had a normal total(More)
The public image of psychiatry has been tarnished in recent years. In order to determine the extent to which press coverage has contributed to negative attitudes towards psychiatry, we conducted a content analysis of a random selection of newspaper articles which appeared over a twenty-year period in two different newspapers. We found that although there(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the treatment of bacterial vaginosis with metronidazole to determine if there is a therapeutic regimen that is superior to all others with regard to cure and recurrence rates. DATA SOURCES Computer-assisted literature search, Medical Subject Index review, and references cited in articles identified. STUDY SELECTION Clinical trials(More)
The Lipospheres Bupivacaine Delivery System (bupivacaine-lipospheres) is a novel sustained-release local anesthetic preparation that has recently been made available for research purposes. This investigation compared the local anesthetic efficacy and safety of 2% bupivacaine-lipospheres, 0.5% bupivacaine plus 1:200,000 epinephrine, lipospheres plain, and(More)
Individuals with FASD exhibit deficits in many domains that can include memory, learning, behavioural inhibition, executive functioning, interpersonal skills, and language. These deficits have serious implications for affected persons when they become engaged in the legal system. In 2004, Moore and Green reviewed case law and psychological literature which(More)
An individual who is promoted to supervisor may experience new problems. His or her acceptance in a new role by former peers may depend on attitudes and interpersonal communication skills. This paper presents attitudes and interpersonal communication skills as being two major areas which can effect a smoother transition from peer to supervisor.