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This study provides additional information on the psychometric properties of the Sexual Aversion Scale (SAS). Results suggest a positive relationship between sexual aversion, generalized anxiety, and history of sexual victimization. Variables such as age and religiosity were unrelated to scores on the SAS, although females reported significantly more sexual(More)
This study describes a 30-item questionnaire, the Sexual Aversion Scale, that was used to assess sexual fears and avoidance in college students. The construct of sexual aversion was based on the newly listed DSM-III-R criteria for sexual aversion disorder. Results were obtained from 382 college students. The questionnaire was shown to have good internal(More)
This study examines the mental health of 187 patients who had a rhinoplasty fifteen years earlier. Of 101 who had the operation following disease or injury 9 are now severely neurotic and one schizophrenic; of 86 who had the operation for aesthetic reasons 32 are now severely neurotic and 6 schizophrenic. The differences between the two groups are(More)
A program for children with learning disabilities associated with perceptual deficits was designed that included elements of gross and fine motor coordination, visual and somatosensory perceptual training, dance, art, music and language. The effectiveness of nonprofessional "perceptual-aides," who were trained in this program, was evaluated. Twenty-eight(More)
We develop the property of Invariant Basis Number (IBN) in the context of C *-algebras and their Hilbert modules. A complete K-theoretic characterization of C *-algebras with IBN is given. A scheme for classifying C *-algebras which do not have IBN is given and we prove that all such classes are realized. We investigate the invariance of IBN, or lack(More)
Five adults who suffered from eczema for at least five years were treated in a multiple baseline design with EMG biofeedback and progressive relaxation. Treatment consisted of five weekly EMG training sessions combined with regular home practice of relaxation. Three dependent measures were used to assess treatment effects: (1) daily self-monitoring of(More)
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