Melvin Dinner

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There are various degrees of expression of the fully developed tubular/tuberous deformity. To develop an adequate treatment plan for this condition, the individual deformities constituting the fully expressed syndrome must be diagnosed. The treatment plan must include maneuvers to correct each deficiency within the syndrome itself. We present the spectrum(More)
The transverse abdominal island flap is not just another myocutaneous flap. Although it derives its blood supply from myocutaneous perforators, the portion of the skin and fat that overlies muscle comprises only about 20% of its surface. The surface area of the flap by far exceeds the surface area of the entire muscle that carries it. Its hemodynamics are(More)
We report the case of an 18-year-old female undergoing routine reduction mammaplasty in whom bilateral diffuse intraductal cribriform breast carcinoma was reported upon review of the surgical specimen. This highlights the importance not only of sending specimens for pathologic examination, but also of marking the specimens accurately by location, such as(More)
We report a major modification of technique for the transverse abdominal island flap, namely, taking the anterior rectus fascia with the muscle. We believe that this protects the fine vascular network supplying the flap. This has resulted in a more reliable flap, confirmed by increased fluorescein uptake, and significant reduction in operating time.