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A Tale of Two Deficits: Causality and Care in Medical AI
In this paper, two central questions will be addressed: ought we to implement medical AI technology in the medical domain? If yes, how ought we to implement this technology? I will critically engageExpand
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Criterial problems in creative cognition research
Abstract In creative cognition research, the Romantic view about creative cognition is traditionally rejected in favor of the modern view. The modern view about creative cognition maintains thatExpand
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Correction to: A Tale of Two Deficits: Causality and Care in Medical AI
The original version of this article unfortunately contains an unconverted data in footnotes 5, 9 and 13.
Causal Reasoning and Meno’s Paradox
Causal reasoning is an aspect of learning, reasoning, and decision-making that involves the cognitive ability to discover relationships between causal relata, learn and understand these causalExpand
The (im)possibility of filming Ibsen
This article begins by taking the paucity of good filmed versions of Ibsen as an empirical fact or a given, as it were. It then introduces the Shakespeare premise, which it proceeds to adopt asExpand
Care, Narrativity, and the Nature of Disponibilité
This paper attempts to make more explicit the relationship between narrativity and feminist care ethics. The central concern is the way in which narrativity carries the semantic load that someExpand
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A long way home.
Philosophy and Literature: Problems of a Philosophical Subdiscipline
But the full-strength causal hypothesis may be more than a fantasy of English teachers. The ordering of events is in the right direction: technological advances in publishing, the mass production ofExpand