Melvin Ballera

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Researchers in higher education are beginning to explore the potential of data mining in analyzing data for the purpose of giving quality service and needs of their graduates. Thus, educational data mining emerges as one tools to study academic data to identify patterns and help for decision making affecting the education. This paper predicts the(More)
An e-learning website is not sufficient to fully attain the results of online education. There also is a need to align the educational objectives into the design of the assessment to improve and develop cognition, critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Previous studies have explored the potentials of the assessment models but few ventured into their(More)
Prior literature in the field of adaptive and personalized learning sequence in e-learning have proposed and implemented various mechanisms to improve the learning process such as individualization and personalization, but complex to implement due to expensive algorithmic programming and need of extensive and prior data. The main objective of personalizing(More)
Various mechanisms to improve learning process with the objective of maximizing learning and dynamically selecting the best teaching operation to achieve learning goals have been done in the field of personalized learning. However, instructional strategists have failed to address the necessary corrective measures to remediate immediately learning(More)
Collaborative problem solving in e-learning can take in the form of discussion among learner, creating a highly social learning environment and characterized by participation and interactivity. This paper, designed a collaborative learning environment where agent act as co-learner, can play different roles during interaction. Since different roles have been(More)
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