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The use of brain computer interface (BCI) devices in research and applications has exploded in recent years. Applications such as lie detectors that use functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to video games controlled using electroencephalography (EEG) are currently in use. These developments, coupled with the emergence of inexpensive commercial BCI(More)
For the rescue operation during natural calamities to be done efficiently, there must be a life detector that can provide reliable determination of a live person's presence in a place of search. Microwave sensors could bring some specific advantages for the detection of living victims. Primarily, microwaves are sensitive to small movements which are(More)
BACKGROUND New technologies are emerging that may help individuals engage in healthier eating behaviors. One paradigm to test the efficacy of a technology is to determine its effect relative to environment cues that are known to cause individuals to overeat. OBJECTIVE The purpose of this work was to independently investigate two questions: How does the(More)
Food overconsumption is a major contributor to weight gain leading to obesity. Constant exposure to larger amounts of food and beverage has caused many individuals to experience " portion distortion, " the perception that bigger portion sizes are appropriate for consumption at a single sitting. Independently and accurately changing this perception can be(More)
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