Melonie Joanne Storan

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The olfactory system in rodents and many other mammals is classically divided into two anatomically separate, and morphologically distinct, sensory systems: the main olfactory system and the accessory olfactory system. We have now identified a novel third population of olfactory marker protein-expressing sensory neurons that is located in a discrete pocket(More)
Primary olfactory neurons situated in the nasal septum project axons within fascicles along a highly stereotypical trajectory en route to the olfactory bulb. The ventral fascicles make a distinct dorsovental turn at the rear of the septum so as to reach the olfactory bulb. In the present study we have used a brain and nasal septum coculture system to(More)
Primary olfactory neurons project axons from the olfactory neuroepithelium lining the nasal cavity to the olfactory bulb in the brain. These axons grow within large mixed bundles in the olfactory nerve and then sort out into homotypic fascicles in the nerve fiber layer of the olfactory bulb before terminating in topographically fixed glomeruli.(More)
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