Melody Hertzog

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There is little published guidance concerning how large a pilot study should be. General guidelines, for example using 10% of the sample required for a full study, may be inadequate for aims such as assessment of the adequacy of instrumentation or providing statistical estimates for a larger study. This article illustrates how confidence intervals(More)
Open-heart surgery patients report anxiety and pain with chair rest despite opioid analgesic use. The effectiveness of non-pharmacological complementary methods (sedative music and scheduled rest) in reducing anxiety and pain during chair rest was tested using a three-group pretest-posttest experimental design with 61 adult postoperative open-heart surgery(More)
The purpose of this study was to examine patterns of circadian activity rhythms and their relationship with fatigue, anxiety/depression, and demographic/medical variables in women receiving breast cancer adjuvant therapy treatments (Tx) at three times within a randomized clinical trial (RCT) designed to improve sleep and modify fatigue. A RCT enrolled 219(More)
BACKGROUND Unhealthy diet and lack of physical activity increase rural midlife and older women's risk of chronic diseases and premature death, and they are behind urban residents in meeting Healthy People 2010 objectives. OBJECTIVES The objective of this study was to compare a tailored intervention based on the Health Promotion Model with a generic(More)
BACKGROUND Cognitive impairment is a recognized consequence of heart failure; however, there are no neuropsychological batteries with documented psychometric data in the chronic heart failure population. AIMS To document the psychometric properties of a brief neuropsychological battery in a chronic heart failure sample. METHODS The Repeatable Battery(More)
OBJECTIVE The study objective was to examine the effect of a symptom management (SM) telehealth intervention on physical activity and functioning and to describe the health care use of older adult patients (aged > 65 years) after coronary artery bypass surgery (CABS) by group (SM intervention group and usual care group). METHODS A randomized clinical(More)
BACKGROUND Despite successful coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) surgery, some patients continue to experience fatigue after their surgery. OBJECTIVE The purpose of this secondary analysis study was to examine the relationships of fatigue and early recovery outcomes (psychosocial and physiologic functioning, and physical activity) over time (6 weeks and(More)
AIMS AND OBJECTIVES The purpose of this pilot study was to test the effects of an Internet-based intervention, the New Mothers Network, on single, low-income, adolescent, African American mothers' psychological, parenting, and health care utilization outcomes. BACKGROUND The study was based on social support theory. METHODS For mothers in the(More)
This article reports findings from interviews with 20 parents about their experiences in obtaining services for their ADHD children in school systems. Grounded theory methods were used to analyze data at both individual and organizational levels. Parents saw school personnel as varying widely in their knowledge about ADHD and their acceptance of its(More)
BACKGROUND Lifestyle modification is recommended for management of prehypertension, yet finding effective interventions to reach rural women is a public health challenge. This community-based clinical trial compared the effectiveness of standard advice to two multi-component theory-based tailored interventions, using web-based or print-mailed delivery, in(More)