Melody A. Shahsavarian

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Catalytic antibodies are immunoglobulins endowed with enzymatic properties. Discovered in the second part of the 1980s, the enthusiasm they initially aroused was counterbalanced by the difficulty of their production and their low catalytic rates. Nevertheless, improvements in expression systems and engineering technologies, combined with various studies(More)
β-lactamase enzymes responsible for bacterial resistance to antibiotics are among the most important health threats to the human population today. Understanding the increasingly vast structural motifs responsible for the catalytic mechanism of β-lactamases will help improve the future design of new generation antibiotics and mechanism-based inhibitors of(More)
Phage display antibody libraries have proven to have a significant role in the discovery of therapeutic antibodies and polypeptides with desired biological and physicochemical properties. Obtaining a large and diverse phage display antibody library, however, is always a challenging task. Various steps of this technique can still undergo optimization in(More)
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