Mellik Bazan

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BACKGROUND Several studies have indicated that a restrictive erythrocyte transfusion strategy is as safe as a liberal one in critically ill patients, but there is no clear evidence to support the superiority of any perioperative transfusion strategy in patients with cancer. METHODS In a randomized, controlled, parallel-group, double-blind (patients and(More)
A clinical report is presented of Fusion of maxillary primary central incisors associated with a dental disturbance in the corresponding area of the permanent dentition in a child with other nondentdl malformations. Fusion is the union of two normally separated tooth germs. It may be complete with the formation of one abnormally large tooth, or incomplete(More)
Three cases of chronic subdural hematoma (CSDH) revealed by transient neurological accidents are reported. Although well-known this condition is rare: 1 to 9 p. 100 of CSDHs. Questioning may bring out a history of cranial injury and headache, even minor ones, which are unusual in transient ischemic accidents (TIA). Transient phenomena, such as motor aphasia(More)