Melkon Tatlier

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Syntheses of ZSM-5 coatings on stainless steel plates were carried out via the substrate heating method. The reaction mixture was kept at temperatures below 100 C, while the metal plates were heated to temperatures above 100 C. It was demonstrated that continuous ZSM-5 coatings of different textures with different crystal morphologies and void fractions(More)
Various zeolites were kept in simulated body fluid (SBF) for different periods of time. Possible changes that may occur in the crystalline structures of zeolites and the chemical composition of SBF were determined by various analysis techniques after this treatment. The possible effects of two different zeolites on the morphology and viability of chronic(More)
The fractal dimensions of FeZSM-5 zeolites were used to characterize the change in their geometry depending on different postsynthesis treatments. The fractal dimension values were estimated from the Dubinin–Astakhov isotherms of nitrogen adsorption and related to the activity of these zeolites in the benzene hydroxylation to phenol by nitrous oxide. The(More)
Extracting information about the structures of zeolites and other crystalline materials from X-ray diffraction (XRD) data simply by using statistical methods may provide an impetus for the discovery and identification of unknown materials. In this study, the possibility of using artificial neural network methods for relating framework crystal structures to(More)
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