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Chapter 3: The Mammals of the Mingan Mountains, Luzon: Evidence for a New Center of Mammalian Endemism
Abstract We conducted an elevational transect survey of mammals on the highest peak in the Mingan Mountains of Aurora and Nueva Ecija provinces in the central Sierra Madre Range of Luzon from May toExpand
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One hundred new species of lichenized fungi : a signature of undiscovered global diversity
The number of undescribed species of lichenized fungi has been estimated at roughly 10,000. Describing and cataloging these would take the existing number of taxonomists several decades; however, theExpand
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Key Biodiversity Areas in the Philippines: Priorities for Conservation
A process for identifying Key Biodiversity Areas (KBAs) for the Philippines was undertaken in two phases. The 128 terrestrial and freshwater KBAs were identified in 2006 and the 123 marine KBAs wereExpand
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Archboldomys (Muridae: Murinae) Reconsidered: A New Genus and Three New Species of Shrew Mice from Luzon Island, Philippines
ABSTRACT Shrew mice of the genus Archboldomys are poorly known members of an endemic clade of vermivorous/insectivorous murid rodents confined to Luzon Island, Philippines. Three species of theseExpand
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A New Species of Stream Frog (Sanguirana) from the Mountains of Luzon Island, Philippines
Abstract:  We describe a distinctively patterned new species of cascade stream frog from the mountains of Nueva Vizcaya and Aurora provinces, Luzon Island. The new species belongs to the genusExpand
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Conservation Genetics of the Philippine Tarsier: Cryptic Genetic Variation Restructures Conservation Priorities for an Island Archipelago Primate
Establishment of conservation priorities for primates is a particular concern in the island archipelagos of Southeast Asia, where rates of habitat destruction are among the highest in the world.Expand
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Doubling diversity: a cautionary tale of previously unsuspected mammalian diversity on a tropical oceanic island
The development of meaningful models of species richness dynamics in island ecosystems requires accurate measurement of existing biodiversity. To test the assumption that mammalian diversity onExpand
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Chapter 2: Mammalian Diversity Patterns on Mount Palali, Caraballo Mountains, Luzon
Abstract In 2005 and 2007, we conducted surveys of mammals along an elevational transect on Mount Palali (peak 1707 m) in the Caraballo Mountains, a poorly known mountain range on Luzon Island,Expand
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