Melita Ahic-Djokic

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This paper presents an example of project-based learning (PBL) in an undergraduate course on Image processing. The design of a simple, low-cost computer vision system for implementation on a chess-playing capable robot is discussed. The system is based on a standard CCD camera and a personal computer. This project is a good tool for learning most of the(More)
The human experience in the analysis of the handwriting of male and female writers indicates that gender affects the appearance of the handwritten text. These differences are usually very difficult to describe numerically. In order to analyze the handwriting differences between male and female writers, several shape description techniques, such as the(More)
This paper discusses some of the interesting properties of stability analysis of a discretized wave equation. The solutions of the wave equation are wave functions, hence oscillating, so when testing stability the discretization scheme usually shows marginal stability. Marginal stability is a sufficient condition for a discrete scheme convergence and many(More)
Individuality of handwriting is the reason why it is used as a common base element for detecting character traits of the writer. It is believed that dynamic information improve the accuracy of the analysis, but they are not contained in an offline handwritten text. In order to recover dynamic information, a novel approach for handwriting trajectory recovery(More)
Different sensors may be used for a robot environment analysis: infrared sensors, laser sensors, sonars, RGB and depth cameras. Most of them provide satisfying information about the distance and the shape of observed objects. However, the main drawback of these sensors is the inability to discriminate among different analyzed objects if the latter share the(More)
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