Melissa Woolf

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Although inbreeding can reduce individual fitness and contribute to population extinction, gene flow between inbred but unrelated populations may overcome these effects. Among extant Mexican wolves (Canis lupus baileyi), inbreeding had reduced genetic diversity and potentially lowered fitness, and as a result, three unrelated captive wolf lineages were(More)
Two patients were mistakenly treated for several months for tuberculosis. Both had lung and vertebral involvement and one patient had superficial skin lesions as well. Blastomycosis was eventually confirmed by fungal culture, but only after both patients had deteriorated markedly; one died soon after treatment with amphotericin B was started. In Africa,(More)
To determine which demographic factors favor rural communities obtaining physicians, county characteristics of National Health Service Corps sites are analyzed. Through the use of a difference of means test, sites which were staffed at least once are compared with sites which were never able to obtain physicians. Since a major portion of the sites never(More)
We confirmed 3 and identified 7 possible cases of pulmonary non-tuberculous mycobacterial disease. The clinical and radiological features were indistinguishable from those of tuberculosis, although a few thin-walled cavities may have been more suggestive of non-tuberculous disease. Previously described predisposing factors were identified in our patients(More)
Pregnant Sabra mice received 3 g phenobarbital per kilogram milled food from gestational days (GD) 9 to 18 as their only food source; control females received milled food. All the females were divided into three groups and injected intraperitoneally with a single dose of 3H-thymidine on GD 13, 15 or 17. At 50 days of age of the offspring were perfused with(More)
Patients usually provisionally diagnosed as having typhoid fever or pneumonia are regularly admitted to the Rietfontein Fever Hospital suffering from psittacosis. The main symptoms are intense headache, chills and fever and an irritating non-productive cough. Later most patients develop signs of pneumonitis most clearly seen on radiographic examination. An(More)