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Lipoxin A4 (LXA4) was competitive with [3H]leukotriene D4 (LTD4) for specific binding to cultured rat glomerular mesangial cells. Half-maximal inhibition was obtained with 100 nM LXA4, compared with 10 nM for unlabeled LTD4. At 10 and 50 nM LXA4 induced low, but significant, increases in mesangial-cell inositol trisphosphate generation: 48% and 44%(More)
the leaderships of the political parties involved in the experiment (RB, UDS, FARD-Alafia and PSD), many others at the " Institut National la Statisque et de l'Analyse Economique " and " Institut Geographique National " in Benin whose logistical support and assistance made the experiment possible. Thanks also to Jennifer Gandhi for superb research(More)
Endothelin contracts glomerular mesangial cells, thereby influencing glomerular size and filtration rate. Here, we demonstrate the presence of two ET-specific binding sites on cultured rat mesangial cells with Kds of 0.76 and 44.70 nM, and maximal binding capacity (Bmax) values of 6.78 x 10(2) and 27.60 x 10(2) binding sites/cell, respectively. Binding of(More)
The presence, chromatographic properties and localization of neuropeptide Y was demonstrated in postmortem human brain areas of neurologically and neuropsychiatrically normative controls using immunocytochemistry and high performance liquid chromatography combined with radioimmunoassay. NPY-immunoreactivity was found in many regions of the prosencephalon.(More)
A patient who presented with primary fibromyalgia syndrome (PFS) was found to have sleep apnea. Since frequent wakening and nonrestorative sleep are prominent clinical complaints in both disorders, we hypothesized an etiologic relationship. A subsequent clinical survey of 11 additional sleep apneics revealed that 3 (27%) fulfilled proposed criteria for PFS.(More)
Morbidity and mortality continue to increase for children with asthma. Minority children have disproportionately higher rates of adverse outcomes on almost all disease measures. An asthma management program for urban minority children was developed with research-based intervention strategies and insights gained from the child and family perspectives on(More)
Digital subtraction angiography is an indispensable complement to cut film studies for the detection of pulmonary artery injury. Immediate transcatheter embolization of catheter-induced pulmonary artery pseudoaneurysm is a safe, minimally invasive, fast, and cost-effective alternative to surgical treatment.