Melissa S Wong

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Cell-cell fusion in sexually reproducing organisms is a mechanism to merge gamete genomes and, in multicellular organisms, it is a strategy to sculpt organs, such as muscle, bone, and placenta. Moreover, this mechanism has been implicated in pathological conditions, such as infection and cancer. Studies of genetic model organisms have uncovered a unifying(More)
The design and synthesis of AX7574, a microcystin-derived probe for serine/threonine phosphatases, is described. A key step in the synthesis was the conjugation under basic conditions of a tetramethylrhodamine 1,3-diketone derivative to the arginine side chain present in microcystin-LR. The resulting conjugate specifically labeled the active site of protein(More)
OBJECTIVE We sought to determine whether routine placement of a second stitch at the time of cervical cerclage improves its efficacy. STUDY DESIGN This is a retrospective cohort study of patients who had cervical cerclage placement at a single institution. Operative reports, ultrasound images, and delivery records were reviewed. Pregnancy outcomes of(More)
The diagnosis of irreversible intestinal failure confers significant morbidity, mortality, and decreased quality of life. Patients with irreversible intestinal failure may be treated with intestinal transplantation. Intestinal transplantation may include intestine only, liver-intestine, or other visceral elements. Intestinal transplantation candidates(More)
Importance Women are 2 to 3 times more likely than men to experience depression in their lifetime, and the greatest risk occurs during the reproductive years. As an obstetrics and gynecology physician or provider, you will likely encounter women who are at risk of development or relapse of a mental disorder during this vulnerable time. Objective The aim(More)
BACKGROUND Severe maternal morbidity is increasing in the United States and has been estimated to occur in up to 1.3% of all deliveries. A standardized, multidisciplinary approach has been recommended to identify and review cases of severe maternal morbidity to identify opportunities for improvement in maternal care. OBJECTIVE The aims of our study were(More)
Dipeptide-based inhibitors with C-substituted (alkyl or aminoalkyl) alpha-amino acids in the P2 position and boro-norleucine (boro-Nle) in the P1 position were synthesized. Relative to boro-proline, boro-Nle as a P1 residue was shown able to significantly dial out DPP4, FAP, DPP8, and DPP9 activity. Dab-boro-Nle (4g) proved to be the most selective and(More)
Pancreatic cancer is a lethal disease with poor prognosis. Gemcitabine has been the first line systemic treatment for pancreatic cancer. However, the rapid development of drug resistance has been a major hurdle in gemcitabine therapy leading to unsatisfactory patient outcomes. With the recent renewed understanding of glutamine metabolism involvement in drug(More)