Melissa Robinson-Long

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Early prefrontal cortex damage has been associated with developmental deficits in social adaptation, moral behavior, and empathy that alter the maturation of social cognition and social emotions. The seminal case of Ackerly and Benton (1948) continues to provide the most striking clinical example of prefrontal-related neurodevelopmental impairments, with(More)
OBJECTIVE Recovery of function after early brain injury depends upon both reparative and compensatory processes that are minimally understood. Using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), this study investigated the reorganization of hemispheric brain activity of a 24 year old male who suffered right prefrontal cortex damage at 7 years of age related(More)
OBJECTIVE Although some of the anatomical underpinnings of learning and memory systems have been identified, there remains little understanding of how the brain moves from acquiring new information to retaining it. This study was designed to further explore and elucidate the neural mechanisms underlying encoding and memory in a common real-life task, that(More)
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