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Synchrony in larval yellow perch abundance: the influence of the Moran Effect during early life history
Recruitment may vary substantially in fish populations, which can drive not only adult population characteristics but also the dynamics of fishes dependent on the species of interest and recreationalExpand
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Consequences of Hatch Phenology on Stages of Fish Recruitment
Little is known about how hatch phenology (e.g., the start, peak, and duration of hatching) could influence subsequent recruitment of freshwater fishes into a population. We used two commonlyExpand
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To Plow or Not to Plow: An Investigation Into Land Use Changes and Consequences in the Northern Great Plains Using Systems Thinking and Dynamics
From 1997 to 2007, 9.6 million hectares of grassland were converted to cropland and fifty seven percent of these conversions occurred in the Northern Great Plains (NGP). Since 2007, another 9.5Expand
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Factors influencing recruitment and growth of age‐0 yellow perch in eastern South Dakota glacial lakes
Variation in recruitment and growth of age-0 yellow perch, Perca flavescens (Mitchill), was modelled across a range of nine eastern South Dakota glacial lakes to: (i) estimate factors influencingExpand
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Scientific case studies in land-use driven soil erosion in the central United States: Why soil potential and risk concepts should be included in the principles of soil health
Abstract Despite recent improvements in overall soil health gained through conservation agriculture, which has become a global priority in agricultural systems, soil and water-related externalitiesExpand
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Escapement of Fishes from Modified Fyke Nets with Differing Throat Configurations
AbstractWe performed a field experiment in five eastern South Dakota lakes to investigate fish escapement differences between modified fyke nets with two common throat configurations (restricted andExpand
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Population and Diet Assessment of White Bass in Lake Sharpe
White bass (Morone chrysops) have been introduced into all 4 South Dakota Missouri River reservoirs and compose a substantial proportion of the annual recreational harvest. To date, limited studiesExpand
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Development And Evaluation of a System Dynamics Model for Investigating Agriculturally Driven Land Transformation in the North Central United States
Land transformation from grassland to cropland in the Northern Great Plains (NGP) has become a growing concern among many stakeholders. A growing body of work has sought to determine the amount andExpand
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