Melissa R Palmer

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We report dramatic sensitivity enhancements in multidimensional MAS NMR spectra by the use of nonuniform sampling (NUS) and introduce maximum entropy interpolation (MINT) processing that assures the linearity between the time and frequency domains of the NUS acquired data sets. A systematic analysis of sensitivity and resolution in 2D and 3D NUS spectra(More)
Many information-rich multidimensional experiments in nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy can benefit from a signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) enhancement of up to about 2-fold if a decaying signal in an indirect dimension is sampled with nonconsecutive increments, termed nonuniform sampling (NUS). This work provides formal theoretical results and(More)
Non-uniform sampling (NUS) has been established as a route to obtaining true sensitivity enhancements when recording indirect dimensions of decaying signals in the same total experimental time as traditional uniform incrementation of the indirect evolution period. Theory and experiments have shown that NUS can yield up to two-fold improvements in the(More)
Surface pressure-molecular area (Π-A) isotherms and fluorescence microscopy were used to investigate the interactions between N-stearoyl-glutamic acid (l- and d-) and l-arginine at the air/water interface. N-stearoyl-glutamic acids (C18-Glu) with different chirality (l- and d-) were spread at the air-water interface onto subphases containing varied(More)
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