Melissa R. A. Pingree

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In 2002, the Biscuit Wildfire burned a portion of the previously established, replicated conifer unthinned and thinned experimental units of the Siskiyou Long-Term Ecosystem Productivity (LTEP) experiment, southwest Oregon. Charcoal C in pre and post-fire O horizon and mineral soil was quantified by physical separation and a peroxide-acid digestion method.(More)
Fire is an important driver of change in most forest, savannah, and prairie ecosystems and fire-altered organic matter, or pyrogenic carbon (PyC), conveys numerous functions in soils of fire-maintained terrestrial ecosystems. Although an exceptional number of recent review articles and books have addressed agricultural soil application of charcoal or(More)
The purpose of this study was to assess the effects of charcoal and earthworm presence in contrasting soil types of northern Japan using the biologically based phosphorus (BBP) extraction method, which employs a variety of plant P acquisition strategies. Using soils developed in serpentine and sedimentary parent materials, we tested the interactive effects(More)
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