Melissa Pirard

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We postulated that patients with an internal locus of control, i.e. those who like to control their health problems themselves, would adapt more adequately to the 'patient-controlled analgesia' technique as compared to patients with an external health locus of control, who do not believe in their own control. Since contradicting studies have been published(More)
BACKGROUND Resistance training has been introduced into rehabilitation to improve the efficiency of the 1980s traditional training. Among the modalities, the choice of recovery period length or repetition speed is hardly explained in term of functional benefit but not in terms of cardiovascular (CV) response. To our knowledge, no investigation has been made(More)
An increasing interest in psychological and interactional aspects of intensive care unit stay is found in the recent literature. On one hand, seriousness and acuteness of the pathology, on the other hand, environment specificity as well as their respective consequences result in the fact that the ICU is a peculiar context for the patient and his family. The(More)
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