Melissa Peters

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Horizontal transfer of genes of selective value in an environment 6 years after their introduction into a watershed has been observed. Expression of the gene pheA, which encodes phenol monooxygenase and is linked to the pheBA operon (A. Nurk, L. Kasak, and M. Kivisaar, Gene 102:13-18, 1991), allows pseudomonads to use phenol as a growth substrate.(More)
Background. Mobile health and digital medicine technologies are becoming increasingly used by individuals with common, chronic diseases to monitor their health. Numerous devices, sensors, and apps are available to patients and consumers-some of which have been shown to lead to improved health management and health outcomes. However, no randomized controlled(More)
A subsurface drip irrigation (SDI) and furrow irrigation study was installed in a silty clay loam soil at the USDA-ARS Irrigated Desert Research Station near Brawley, CA in early 1991 to evaluate the potential for water savings and yield improvements with subsurface drip irrigation of forage alfalfa as compared to furrow irrigation. In bed-planted alfalfa,(More)
This study examines the utility of fully polarimetric C-and SAR parameters and three-component scattering model to quantify the sensitivity of snow covered first-year sea ice (FYI) to radar incidence angles and surface air temperature (SAT) during the late winter transition. This three-component scattering model is based on surface, double-bounce and volume(More)
Amino acid transport is facilitated by specific transporters within the plasma membrane of the cell. Mediated Na(+)-independent transport of L-glutamate can be easily detected in mouse oocytes, but it is nearly undetectable in blastocyst-stage embryos. In contrast, the Na(+)-dependent transport of L-aspartate is not detectable in oocytes, but it is(More)
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