Melissa McNamara

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BACKGROUND Although several agents are available to treat osteoporosis, the relative efficacy and toxicity of these agents when used to prevent fractures has not been well described. PURPOSE To compare the benefits in fracture reduction and the harms from adverse events of various therapies for osteoporosis. DATA SOURCES MEDLINE (1966 to November 2007)(More)
In order to determine the value of the acute contrast enema (ACE) as compared to the plain abdominal film for the diagnosis of colonic obstruction and to determine the optimal technique for performing this examination, we reviewed 140 cases performed over a 4 year period. The study shows that when provided with the case history and the plain abdominal films(More)
Three Asian patients presenting with dysphagia were shown to have oesophageal involvement secondary to adjacent tuberculous mediastinal lymph nodes. The findings included fistula between the oesophagus and the tracheobronchial tree and extrinsic compression of the oesophagus. These cases reflect the increasing incidence of mediastinal lymphadenopathy in(More)
As a contribution to the proposed revision of the DSM-III-R category "Psychological Factors Affecting Physical Condition" for DSM-IV, this article reviews the history of how the relationship of psychiatric illness to neurological illness has been understood with respect to depression. Since both psychiatric and neurological illness are aspects of brain(More)
In non-diabetics neural and/or gastrointestinal humoral factors cause anticipatory insulin release with meals. The importance of this mechanism was illustrated by administration of a standard meal to six insulin dependent diabetics on two occasions. Insulin was delivered intravenously by an "open-loop" (preprogrammed) insulin infusion system designed to(More)
A study of Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme cimetidine prescriptions, hospital admissions, and deaths due to peptic ulcer in 13 million Australians in 1981 indicated that the annual ulcer incidence per 1000 population was 3.8 for duodenal ulcer and 0.7 for gastric ulcer. Approximately 70 000 Australians appear to receive initial treatment for a peptic ulcer(More)
The relationship between borderline personality disorder and primary major depression was studied prospectively using Schedule for Affective Disorders and Schizophrenia-Lifetime Version (SADS-L) interviews and electroencephalographic (EEG) sleep studies. Ten consecutively admitted borderline patients (a prospective sample), defined by Gunderson's Diagnostic(More)