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Recent studies suggest that fruit flies use subtle changes to their wing motion to actively generate forces during aerial maneuvers. In addition, it has been estimated that the passive rotational damping caused by the flapping wings of an insect is around two orders of magnitude greater than that for the body alone. At present, however, the relationships(More)
A key problem in rover exploration missions is that many of the scientifically interesting areas to investigate are extremely difficult to access given typical flat-topography rovers. The Axel rover was designed to rappel down steep cliffs using a tether held securely at the top. It is very important that this rover is capable of taking and analyzing(More)
Several potentially important science targets have been observed in extreme terrains (steep or vertical slopes, possibly covered in loose soil or granular media) on other planets. Robots which can access these extreme terrains will likely use tethers to provide climbing and stabilizing force. To prevent tether entanglement during descent and subsequent(More)
Doctoral Thesis (expected) title Online path planning for a tethered two-wheeled robot. description A tethered robot traveling through an unmapped and relatively unknown terrain must institute a path-planning algorithm that accounts for this tether. Using homotopy classes, one can describe the possible placements of the tether and any resulting unreachable(More)
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