Melissa M. Goldstein

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The content of this white paper does not necessarily reflect the views or policies of the Office of the National Coordinator or the Department of Health and Human Services. The authors are solely responsible for the content. The issue of whether, to what extent, and how individuals should have the ability to exercise control over their health information(More)
Large amounts of personal health data are being collected and made available through existing and emerging technological media and tools. While use of these data has significant potential to facilitate research, improve quality of care for individuals and populations, and reduce healthcare costs, many policy-related issues must be addressed before their(More)
To determine whether the human thymus provides an environment for the maturation of murine T cells, human fetal thymus and liver (hu-thy/liv) were implanted into congenitally athymic NIH-beige-nude-xid (BNX) mice or C.B-17 scid/scid (SCID) mice. 3 mo after implantation, in contrast to the hu-thy/liv implant in SCID mice, which was populated only with human(More)
Primordial germ cells (PGCs) of the early chick embryo were examined using scanning electron microscopy. Temporal changes in the form and distribution of surface projections were found to be correlated with migratory phases of PGCs. Non-migrating PGCs were spherical to ovoid with relatively smooth surfaces. Their transition to the migratory phase was first(More)
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