Melissa M. Bilec

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  • Alexander T Dale, André Frossard Pereira De Lucena, Joe Marriott, Bruno Soares, Moreira Cesar Borba, Roberto Schaeffer +4 others
  • 2013
Brazil's status as a rapidly developing country is visible in its need for more energy, including electricity. While the current electricity generation mix is primarily hydropower based, high-quality dam sites are diminishing and diversification to other sources is likely. We combined life-cycle data for electricity production with scenarios developed using(More)
The term <i>green</i> computing has become effectively synonymous with low-power/energy computing. However, for computing to be truly sustainable, all phases of the system life-cycle must be considered. In contrast to the considerable effort that has been applied to address the use-phase energy consumption issue---ranging from battery powered embedded(More)
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