Melissa M. Appleyard

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S emiconductor design is a frequently cited example of the new wave of off-shoring of service sector jobs. 1 It is certainly a concern to U.S. design engineers themselves. 2 The semiconductor industry already has rich experience with the offshoring of manufacturing activity. Semiconductor (or chip) companies were among the first to invest in offshore(More)
and her dissertation group for their insightful comments. The author bears sole responsibility for all errors. ABSTRACT This research contributes to the literature on innovation and alliance f ormation by modeling the role of learning during cooperative innovation. Learning, modeled as knowledge accumulation as a consequence of an alliance, influences the(More)
Firms in many industries build on the innovations of others, often in the face of short product life cycles. Not surprisingly, legal institutions governing intellectual property (IP) play a pivotal role in shaping this process of cumulative innovation. Recent studies suggest that IP-related " hold up " is especially problematic in the face of widely(More)
This paper presents a model of cooperative technology development undertaken by a buyer and a supplier of capital equipment in the semiconductor industry. In order to meet the demanding technical requirements of their production processes, chip producers, the "buyers," often spearhead technology development projects with their equipment suppliers to advance(More)
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