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This paper describes the ScratchJr research project, a collaboration between Tufts University's Developmental Technologies Research Group, MIT's Lifelong Kindergarten Group, and the Playful Invention Company. Over the past five years, dozens of ScratchJr prototypes have been designed and studied with over 300 K-2<sup>nd</sup> grade students, teachers and(More)
The effect of anesthetic technique on postoperative outcomes remains in question. This systematic review compares the role of regional versus general anesthesia, with a particular focus on postoperative cognitive function. Potentially relevant articles were identified by searching publicly available computerized databases for this systematic review. Any(More)
The Fourth PANDA symposium on Anesthesia and Neurodevelopment in Children invited 4 leaders in community engagement and federal government collaboration to share their experiences with overcoming challenges in promoting public health issues. There continues to be emerging evidence from laboratory findings in animal models demonstrating neurotoxic effects(More)
The ScratchJr programming language and iPad app were created in a collaboration by Kindergarten Group and the Playful Invention Company in order to provide young children with a developmentally appropriate way to learn foundational computer programming while creating animated stories and games. In this thesis, I present a novel activity called " Code and(More)
This research sought to understand why people from different cultures respond in fundamentally different ways to their own ingroup transgressions. We predicted that in face cultures, where self-worth is defined by one's reputation, ingroup transgressions would elicit vicarious shame and withdrawal tendencies, especially in public; in dignity cultures,(More)
Puerperal group A streptococcal infections, a major postpartum killer during the late 19th and early 20th centuries, have become (fortunately) rare. We describe a cluster of 4 serious peripartum group A streptococcal infections occurring within the past five years at a single medical center. These cases were not epidemiologically linked and serve to(More)
In today's world, in which technology is playing an increasingly growing role in the lives of children, computer literacy and technological fluency are becoming a necessary national standard. However, developing character traits that serve children to use new tools in a safe way to communicate and connect with others, and providing opportunities for(More)
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