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Although treatment fidelity strategies for enhancing the integrity of behavioral interventions have been well described, little has been written about monitoring data collection integrity. This article describes the principles and strategies developed to monitor data collection integrity of the "Stories and Music for Adolescent/Young Adult Resilience During(More)
The effect of anesthetic technique on postoperative outcomes remains in question. This systematic review compares the role of regional versus general anesthesia, with a particular focus on postoperative cognitive function. Potentially relevant articles were identified by searching publicly available computerized databases for this systematic review. Any(More)
This paper describes the ScratchJr research project, a collaboration between Tufts University's Developmental Technologies Research Group, MIT's Lifelong Kindergarten Group, and the Playful Invention Company. Over the past five years, dozens of ScratchJr prototypes have been designed and studied with over 300 K-2<sup>nd</sup> grade students, teachers and(More)
The Fourth PANDA symposium on Anesthesia and Neurodevelopment in Children invited 4 leaders in community engagement and federal government collaboration to share their experiences with overcoming challenges in promoting public health issues. There continues to be emerging evidence from laboratory findings in animal models demonstrating neurotoxic effects(More)
Extant studies of civil conflict overwhelmingly attribute its incidence to domestic factors (e.g., economic growth, ethnicity). However, in the period surrounding the end of the Cold War the incidence of civil conflict rose substantially, especially in countries that had been repressive during the Cold War. This paper presents causal evidence linking(More)
Puerperal group A streptococcal infections, a major postpartum killer during the late 19th and early 20th centuries, have become (fortunately) rare. We describe a cluster of 4 serious peripartum group A streptococcal infections occurring within the past five years at a single medical center. These cases were not epidemiologically linked and serve to(More)
Computer programming tools for young children are being created and used in early childhood classrooms more than ever. However, little is known about the relationship between a teacher’s unique instructional style and their students’ ability to explore and retain programming content. In this mixed-methods study, quantitative and qualitative data were(More)
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