Melissa L Golden

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The synthesis and isolation of mono- and dithiolate-bridged Zn(mu-SR)(n)W(CO)(m) (where n = 1, m = 5; n = 2, m = 4) species from the dimeric N,N'-bis(2-mercaptoethyl)-1,4-diazacycloheptanezinc(II),(More)
The nickel(II) complex of an N2S2 ligand, derived from a diazacycle, N,N'-bis(mercaptoethyl)-1,5-diazacycloheptane, (bme-dach)Ni, Ni-1', serves as a metallodithiolate ligand to NiII, CuI, ZnII, Ag,(More)
Structures for model ternary platinum-DNA-protein complexes and zinc ejection from zinc fingers by platinum were deduced from the ESI-MS spectra of the interaction of model Zn and Pt complexes.
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