Melissa Keaney

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The dielectric constant and conductivity of muscle, liver, spleen and kidney of cats in vivo and in situ immediately following the animal's death were measured at frequencies from 10 kHz to 100 MHz. A novel multi-ring capacitive sensor and a computer-controlled automatic network analyser (ANA) were employed. The results were compared with the data available(More)
Parasitic nematodes threaten the health of humans and livestock and cause a major financial and socioeconomic burden to modern society. Given the widespread distribution of diseases caused by parasitic nematodes there is an urgent need to develop tools that will elucidate the genetic complexity of host-parasite interactions. Heterorhabditis bacteriophora is(More)
The screening of candidate compounds and natural products for anthelmintic activity is important for discovering new drugs against human and animal parasites. We previously validated in Caenorhabditis elegans a microfluidic device ('chip') that records non-invasively the tiny electrophysiological signals generated by rhythmic contraction (pumping) of the(More)
Despite important progress in the field of innate immunity, our understanding of host immune responses to parasitic nematode infections lags behind that of responses to microbes. A limiting factor has been the obligate requirement for a vertebrate host which has hindered investigation of the parasitic nematode infective process. The nematode parasite(More)
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