Melissa K Friesen

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Fifteen microsatellites were isolated from a beluga whale Delphinapterus leucas, genomic library. The microsatellites were amplified in 100 beluga obtained from two widely separated locations. An average of 8.6 alleles per locus were detected and the average heterozygosity was 0.65 with a range of 0.27-0.86. All microsatellites were polymorphic and 13 of(More)
BACKGROUND Confidential product listing agreements (PLAs) negotiated between pharmaceutical manufacturers and individual health care payers may contribute to unwanted price disparities, high administrative costs, and unequal bargaining power within and across jurisdictions. In the context of Canada's decentralized health system, we aimed to document(More)
BACKGROUND Product listing agreements (PLAs) between drug manufacturers and drug plans are increasingly common worldwide. Use of PLAs by Canadian provinces has not previously been documented. METHODS We collected data from all provinces on funding and PLA use for 25 drugs that were reviewed by the Common Drug Review (CDR) in 2010 or 2011 and funded by at(More)
Pharmaceutical policy makers are increasingly negotiating reimbursement contracts that include confidential price terms that may be affected by drug utilization volumes, patterns, or outcomes. Though such contracts may offer a variety of benefits, including the ability to tie payment to the actual performance of a product, they may also create potential(More)
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