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We describe 7 strategies our intensive care unit implemented to decrease the rate of hospital-acquired pressure ulcers. These strategies include the following: (1) restructured risk assessment and documentation, (2) translated numeric data into graphs for ease of understanding by staff, (3) increased staff awareness, (4) implemented "turn rounds," (5)(More)
The revision rate of total hip arthroplasty has increased dramatically over recent years, leading to different methods of extraction of the femoral cement mantle to reduce operative time and surgical risks. The use of high-energy shock waves produced by the Dornier HM.3 Lithotripter to interrupt the cement-bone interface and to reduce the material(More)
BACKGROUND Allogeneic blood transfusions have inherent risk and direct cost in total hip arthroplasty. Anterior total hip arthroplasty has grown in popularity with increased utilization. This approach may offer an enhanced recovery but has been associated with increased blood loss. Several technologies have been developed including the Canady Hybrid Plasma(More)
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