Melissa J Vrieze

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PURPOSE Retinal circadian signals may have a role in maintaining the normal function and health of photoreceptors. Melatonin is an output of the retinal circadian oscillator and provides nocturnal signaling that is mediated through specific G-protein-coupled receptors. Melatonin receptors are expressed in retinal photoreceptor cells, and this study was(More)
A major target site for melatonin action is thought to be the pituitary gland. We have detected differential expression and co-localization of the Mel(1a) and Mel(1c) receptors in cells of the Xenopus laevis pituitary gland. Sections of Xenopus pituitary glands were labeled with Mel(1a) and/or Mel(1c) antibodies, in combination with antibodies to arginine(More)
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