Melissa J. Slotnick

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Objectives were to examine the effects of feeding to alter body condition at calving on subsequent full lactation production performance and feed intake, on BW and periparturient blood traits, and on complete energy and N balances and ration digestibility during wk 6, 10, and 14 postpartum. Thirty pluriparous Holstein cows were assigned randomly to two(More)
BACKGROUND: Recent years have seen an expansion in the use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in environmental health research. In this field GIS can be used to detect disease clustering, to analyze access to hospital emergency care, to predict environmental outbreaks, and to estimate exposure to toxic compounds. Despite these advances the inability of(More)
A thorough assessment of human exposure to environmental agents should incorporate mobility patterns and temporal changes in human behaviors and concentrations of contaminants; yet the temporal dimension is often under-emphasized in exposure assessment endeavors, due in part to insufficient tools for visualizing and examining temporal datasets.(More)
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