Melissa J. Himelein

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Common features of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), including hyperandrogenism, ovarian dysfunction and obesity, can be highly distressing. We compared 40 women with PCOS to women with infertility but not PCOS, and to women with neither PCOS nor infertility, on measures of depression and body image. Women with PCOS reported higher depression scores and(More)
This research aims to compare the effectiveness of two methods of teaching psychopathology in reducing stigma toward mental illness. Based on previous stigma research, a first-person, narrative approach was contrasted with traditional, diagnosis-centered education. Participants consisted of 53 undergraduates at a small, public university enrolled in two(More)
This research examined cognitive coping strategies associated with resilience in a nonclinical sample of child sexual abuse (CSA) survivors. In Study 1, 180 college women completed surveys assessing self-enhancing cognitive distortions of reality, known as positive illusions, and CSA history. CSA survivors and nonvictimized women were found to be equally(More)
Stigmatization of individuals with mental illnesses is widespread and serves as a major barrier to treatment. In a survey of 116 undergraduates, the authors examined the impact of diagnosis, attitudes about treatment, and psychiatric terminology on stigma associated with mental illness. Stigmatization of schizophrenia was significantly higher than(More)
UNLABELLED Although physical symptoms of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) are increasingly recognized by practicing clinicians, little attention has focused on psychological correlates of this frequent endocrine disorder. This review of medical and psychological literature indicates that PCOS is associated with several mental health problems, including(More)
One approach to crime prevention where behavior analysts can make important contributions is the modification of environmental opportunities and victim vulnerabilities that are related to higher rates of offending. Examples of environmental crime prevention are discussed in the following areas: (1) modifying physical environments in order to "harden"(More)
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