Melissa J Carroll

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Primary hyperparathyroidism is a common condition due to either a parathyroid adenoma or, less commonly, parathyroid hyperplasia, whose treatment is essentially surgical. We have, therefore, assessed the accuracy of Tc-99m pertechnetate/Tc-99m sestamibi (methoxy-isobutyl isonitrile) imaging in the localization of adenomas and hyperplastic parathyroids. The(More)
The extent of primary surgery for breast cancer could be tailored to the patient if previous information on the presence or absence of lymph node involvement could be reliably determined. Prospective radioimmunoscintigraphy in 29 patients with primary breast cancer that was found on screening has been undertaken with 555 MBq (15 mCi) 99mTc SM3, an Imperial(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the pattern of injury of facial fractures in children, the relative contribution of plain radiography and CT scanning in the diagnosis of these injuries, and factors leading to delayed diagnosis. DESIGN Retrospective case note review. PARTICIPANTS All children with facial fractures identified using the trauma and medical record(More)
Leukocytes labeled with technetium-99m hexamethylpropyleneamine oxime (HMPAO) were used in 100 patients: 32 with suspected inflammatory bowel disease, 17 with fever of unknown origin, 21 with suspected abdominal sepsis, 20 with suspected bone sepsis, seven with bronchiectasis, and three with recent myocardial infarction. The distribution of activity in(More)
A prospective four-year-study of 945 fractures of the facial skeleton is presented. Details of facial trauma were collected in patients referred from the Bradford and Airedale Districts of West Yorkshire, England, an area with a population slightly in excess of half a million. Statistical analysis shows variations from previously published papers, the male(More)
After closed head injury nineteen patients had single photon emission tomography (SPECT) using the lipophilic tracer 99m-Technetium hexamethyl-propylene-amineoxime (HMPAO) to compare the defects shown by CT and MRI. SPECT showed more focal cerebral lesions than either CT or MRI alone or in combination. Most lesions shown by SPECT were not shown by CT or MRI(More)
This study assesses the effect of reduced glutathione (GSH) on regenerating liver, 3'-methyl-4-dimethylaminoazobenzene (3'-MDAB) hepatocarcinogenesis, and normal and transformed hepatocytes in vitro. GSH administered intragastrically caused only a 30% reduction in thymidine incorporation into liver DNA at 24 h after partial hepatectomy; there was no(More)
Sixty-three patients presenting with the clinical problem of renal outflow disorder were studied using 99mTc DTPA. The techniques of frusemide diuresis and parenchymal transit time index analysis were compared and both shown to be successful in aiding the decision as to the presence or absence of significant outflow obstruction.