Melissa J. Brown

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Phenylketonuria is no longer associated with mental retardation and other devastating neurological effects. Nonetheless, learning disabilities and IQ loss are common, even in early-treated individuals. Until recently, IQ was used as the sole measure of mental functioning in this population. As specific academic deficits were recognized and as a greater(More)
Previous studies indicate that rifle shooting performance while standing is compromised when fatigued. Apprehension of suspects by police officers may involve foot pursuit and firing a weapon from a standing position. The purpose of the current study was to investigate pistol shooting performance in police officers under similar conditions of physical(More)
Adopted children often experience health and well-being disadvantages compared to biological children remaining in their natal households. The degree of genetic relatedness is thought to mediate the level of parental investment in children, leading to poorer outcomes of biologically unrelated children. We explore whether mortality is related to adoption in(More)
Confucian ideology, still influential in rural China, places great importance on filial piety and the family lineage, so childlessness is an unforgivable sin. Marriage is highly valued, and is regarded as essential for continuity of the male line and as the main source of old-age support for parents (Dyson, 2012). Accordingly, all men have a duty to marry.(More)
BACKGROUND Patterns of domestic violence fatalities and agency responses in Hawaii have not been explicated. METHODS Retrospective reviews of events leading up to domestic violence related fatalities in Hawaii were assessed from 45 adjudicated cases that resulted in 62 fatalities for the ten year period from 2000-2009. RESULTS Almost one-half of the(More)
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