Melissa J. Bloomer

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Australia is a diverse and multicultural nation, made up of a population with a predominant Christian faith. Islam, the second largest religion in the world, has demonstrated significant growth in Australia in the last decade. Coming from various countries of origin and cultural backgrounds, Muslim beliefs can range from what is considered 'traditional' to(More)
Dear Editor, Critical care nursing (CCN) is an increasingly complex and growing area of specialty practice [1]. Yet access to specialty training and high quality CCN education remains a significant issue for CCN [1], creating role confusion between countries for CCN, impeding mobility across Eur-ope and career progression for the CCN workforce [2]. To(More)
AIM To explore and compare call bell response times in two wards in a geriatric evaluation and management facility before and after the introduction of a suite of interventions aimed at decreasing patient falls. METHOD Data on call bell response times were collected over two periods. The first were before implementation of falls prevention initiatives.(More)
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