Melissa Ilardo

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Ribosomal tag libraries based on DNA and RNA in coral reef sediment from Hawaii show the microbial community to be dominated by the bacterial phyla Proteobacteria, Firmicutes and Actinobacteria, the archaeal order Nitrosopumilales and the uncultivated divisions Marine Group III (Euryarchaeota) and Marine Benthic Group C (Crenarchaeota). Operational(More)
Using novel advances in computational chemistry, we demonstrate that the set of 20 genetically encoded amino acids, used nearly universally to construct all coded terrestrial proteins, has been highly influenced by natural selection. We defined an adaptive set of amino acids as one whose members thoroughly cover relevant physico-chemical properties, or(More)
We propose a metric which can be used to compute the amount of heritable variation enabled by a given dynamical system. A distribution of selection pressures is used such that each pressure selects a particular fixed point via competitive exclusion in order to determine the corresponding distribution of potential fixed points in the population dynamics.(More)
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